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Batman The Movie

Batman is a shadow in the darkness, as elusive as a dream. High above the seamy streets of Gotham he is a criminals nightmare, the only hope for a desperate city is Batman….that what was on the advertisement poster for this game and it really sums it up well.

This game was one of the greatest film licences on the 8-bit home computers and understandably so, the game was split in to a number of different number levels which all played different and that was one of the reasons this game worked was because of its variety. this has to be one of oceans finest games back in the days ranking right up there with Robocop, which I believe was programmed by Mike Lamb too.

This 8-bit wars is tough one today and not everyone will agree with my choice of winner, please feel free to let me know which version you prefer and why. Enjoy the video

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