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Bangers & Mash – ZX Spectrum

BangersMashBased on the kids TV show Bangers & Mash, that i’ve never heard off. this game that was published by Alternative Software in 1992.

It’s a little platformer budget release, that plays like a poor version of Rainbow Islands.

The game is fun little game but by no means a classic.
The graphics are colorful and do their jobs and the audio when there is music is passable.

might not be to everyone’s taste but worth a few minutes of your time to give it a go.

2 thoughts on “Bangers & Mash – ZX Spectrum

  1. stoysville says:

    I did a bit of playtesting on this when I worked at Alternative Software. It was quite a nice little game I thought.

  2. Andy says:

    Awesome would love to hear more about that, maybe guest on a future Ep to talk about that?

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