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Axelay – Shoot em up on what seems a Barrel

After the insanity that was Parodius Konami went and made quite a decent lil shoot em up that was this game

Boasting some strange scrolling effects a twist to the normal rules of shooting games and also to boot a great soundtrack this shooter was one tough cookie but with only 6 stages was that enough to save this fine title

4 thoughts on “Axelay – Shoot em up on what seems a Barrel

  1. Andy says:

    Sorry for the late comment on this vid but I’ve been really tied up over the festive season and packing for my big move:)

    But yeah great vid on a classic snes game, this was one of the games that I didn’t own on the snes back in the day, but played quite s bit off.

    The first level graphics at the time looked jaw dropping but seem to have aged a bit now for the worse but never the less it’s a great game, maybe better than super rtype.

    Thanks for sharing

    • ZXSpecstar says:

      Hmmmmm i think there was less detail in the super r-type games but to be honest it also has it merits for being the big daddy of scrolling shooters

  2. pottyboy says:

    I’ve fired this one up a few times on BSNES. It’s good but somehow I find the barrel roll effect rather disorientating!

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