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Atari Air Raid Sells for $33,000 at Auction

Here at Retro Asylum we’ve always said that hanging on to your old games is the way to go and we were recently proved right when a copy of Air Raid for the Atari 2600 became “The most expensive ‘consumer available’ video game ever sold at auction.”

Granted, it is only the third boxed copy ever found and the only one with the full instructions but it’s amazing that this game has been sitting in an American attic for the past 20 odd years.

So how did the seller come in to contact with this rare game in the first place you may ask? Working in the video game department of a drug store in the 80s, he was given Air Raid to sell by a visiting rep. After trying it out at home, the seller decided it wasn’t good enough for the store and told the rep to take it back. The unlucky rep told him to keep it anyway. Nearly three decades later, the game is worth $33,433.30 and the rep didn’t get to see a bean.

One thought on “Atari Air Raid Sells for $33,000 at Auction

  1. Andy says:

    i wish i could find something that was worth loads of cash:(

    All i can say i that guy is one lucky git

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