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AspergerGamer64 reviews The Simpsons Arcade Game MS-DOS

One of the only two home conversion of The Simpsons Arcade Game and I look over the PC MS-DOS version released in  1992, the other being released on the Commodore 64 surprisingly  enough.

3 thoughts on “AspergerGamer64 reviews The Simpsons Arcade Game MS-DOS

  1. scopie says:

    Ha never seen or heard of this version before. Why oh why was there no Amiga or ST version eh? Looking at this the Amiga should have been capable of reproducing this and probably adding a bit of added speech in to boot.

  2. I love this arcade game but man is it a bi-atch to play in MAME, you have to reconfigure the controls whenever you want to play a character other than Homer.

  3. Andy says:

    Superb conversion, the Simpsons was and still is one of my games ever
    We actually played 4 players Wheb we had out last Retro Asylum meet up I’m Southend..

    But conversion looks really close the arcade.

    Would have been good if we had a snes or Megadrive conversion.

    Saying that I Alway wanted a spectrum port .

    The c64 is one of my fave c64 games ever

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