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AspergerGamer64 reviews Bomb Jack ZX Spectrum
Full title Bomb Jack
Year of release 1986
Publisher Elite Systems Ltd (UK)
Re-released by EDOS (UK)
Author(s) Paul HolmesAndy WilliamsKaren Trueman
Tie-in licence Tehkan Ltd (Japan) / Tecmo Ltd (Japan) (arcade coin-op: Bomb Jack)

AspergerGamer is back and this time he reviews the Classic coin op conversion Bombjack.

2 thoughts on “AspergerGamer64 reviews Bomb Jack ZX Spectrum

  1. ZXSpecstar says:

    Yay a nice look over one of my all time fave games on the spectrum….and you cant beat those little sound effects ha who need music

  2. Andy says:

    Great vid on one of my fave games ever:)

    The spectrum version is a superb conversation.

    I’m pretty good at this game also the arcade game too.

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