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AspergerGamer64 plays Super Back to the Future 2



Super Back to the Future II  is a video game released for the Super Famicom based on the film href=””>Back to the Future Part II. The game was developed by Daft and published byToshiba EMI on July 13, 1993 only in Japan

The game is a 2D platformer that allows players to take control of protagonist Marty McFly on his hoverboard as he must travel through time to stop villain Biff Tannen altering history for personal gain

Now as we all got a terrible deal with back to the future games and there were so many bad ones but i reckon if this one was released outside of Japan it would have gone down really well with the fans of the films as it is a great game and so much better than all the other attempts especially by LJN


4 thoughts on “AspergerGamer64 plays Super Back to the Future 2

  1. TEOL says:

    This should have made the AMIGA.

  2. retroshaman says:

    Looks decent for a movie tie-in. Music is good (though I do think it would get slightly annoying after a while). The graphics and gameplay also look like nice.
    I think I might give this one a go at some point.

  3. Glenn says:

    I seen the angry video games nerd episode on this and yes the back to the Future game were not very good

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