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Archos Gamepad – the definitive emulation handheld?


Could this be the one that us retro gamers have been waiting for? A specifically designed game orientated Android console, from reputable manufacturer Archos is certainly looking good.

While the PSP, GP2x, Wiz, Caenoo, Pandora and tonnes of cheap Chinese handhelds all do a grand job the Gamepad can only be a good thing.

Preliminarily designed for proper controls of Android games, the emulation scene for Android is certainly vibrant.

Heres hoping the D Pad lives up to the rest of the device.

3 thoughts on “Archos Gamepad – the definitive emulation handheld?

  1. I’ll be watching this with interest and I did a bit of reading due to this fact…

    It seems to have a lot going for it in terms of us retro gamers. What jumps out at me is the HUGE screen (7 inches) that is pretty much double the size of the one on a DSXL. From the specs, listing as 9″ wide the unit itself is roughly the same size as an Atari Lynx…!

    Also it has a quad core CPU/GPU which is the same one as used in the 2nd gen iPad (decide for yourself if this is a good thing) and 1 gig of RAM, micro SD input and HDMI output.

    Based on the above, I’m sold already – however as Matt has mentioned it all hinges on build quality, especially that crucial D-Pad – which is so often a dealbreaker in consoles and controllers.

  2. den.aris says:

    I’ll have a full review coming over the next couple of weeks.

    It’s not the same chip as the iPad 2 from my knowledge. In any case my iPad 2 still plays all current games, music apps etc. it flies. So if it is the same (it’s not the A5 which I believe to be 1ghz not 1.6 like in the Archos) then that is only a good thing.

    My initial impression is the D Pad isn’t great. Seperate buttons is the feeling I got and too spaced out. But I need more time with it.

  3. I’ve since watched a few other reviews of this console and found that the d-pad isn’t even a d-pad at all. It’s four separate buttons, which I imagine makes diagonals and play in general very awkward. Very disappointing indeed and put me right off buying one. When you do your review, play Street Fighter II which I reckon is the ultimate test of a retro d-pad.

    I will continue my wait for the perfect handheld retro gaming device, unless I figure out how to build my own first.

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