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Arcade & Megadrive Comparison – Golden Axe

Todays Arcade & Megadrive comparison is the classic game by Sega Golden Axe.

Golden Axe has been ported to a huge number of systems, some of them good some of them bad, but the conversion that I feel is the best over the others version is the Megadrive version.

In my opinion this where it really started to feel like you had a actual arcade machine in your living room.

The Megadrive conversion captured all the elements of the coin op, it had the graphics,it had the sound and most of all it had the playability.

After playing both games the other day I decided I was gonna do a whole new series of videos A&M Comparisons!

Today’s A&M is great example how similar the 16bit version looks and feels compared to the arcade version, but on closer inspection they look different and sound different.

Enjoy the video and please give me your feed back!

17 thoughts on “Arcade & Megadrive Comparison – Golden Axe

  1. pottyboy says:

    Good video of one of my favourite beat’em ups ever. I only realised through watching this video how much smaller those two big bad guys were compared to the arcade!

    The megadrive version however does have a different ending to the arcade, and also an extra stage.

  2. Dean Swain says:

    Got to agree with you mate, this was probably the first stand out conversion of a game that looked pretty damm close to the arcade original. Good video!

    • Andy says:

      After making this video it made me realise that Megadrive had some excellent conversions.
      The next bunch I might do is
      Ghouls n ghosts
      Any other cool conversions for the Megadrive?

  3. deadlygroove says:

    Interesting how the Megadrive version of Golden Axe doesn’t have the parallax scrolling like the arcade version and yet it is the opposite with Altered Beast. Altered Beast in the arcade does not have parallax scrolling but the Megadrive version does. There’s always trade offs. Nice video mate! 🙂

    • Andy says:

      One of the video i will be doing at some point will be Alterd beast,super hang on,Strider,ghouls n ghosts afterburner,out run and loads more:)

      I’ve been playing quite a bit of Sega games recently

  4. TEOL says:

    New series. Yay.

  5. TEOL says:

    The Munchkins from Wizard of Oz which you called the Midgets don’t know if either are the right word actually but they did look more buff and they looked like they had muscles in the arcade with the 2.5D effect going on in that version on the Megadrive they looked a bit like Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers in size and look.

  6. scopie says:

    Yep this is good. I’ve played this and the Amiga version and I actually like the Amiga version better. It’s got a much warmer palette but it actually looks rather nice. Oh and the Amiga version has the full intro with Alex AND the arcade ending with the boy running out of the arcade. Sure it’s a bit easy but great fun while it lasts and worth checking out.

  7. ZXSpecstar says:

    Im pretty sure Death Adder pissed of a lot more people lol

    But the conversion of the megadrive version the changes to me we small but didnt effect the game in any sort of way and def was one of the best home conversion to really show the age of arcade perfection in the home was here

  8. slenkar says:

    I had to work a paper round for 6 months to get a megadrive and golden axe :0

  9. Kamil says:

    I first played Sega Mega Drive version on Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on my PS3, and really liked it, last boss was quite difficult. Great compare video 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Since I’m moving all my games are all packed apart from the Megadrive collection.

      Recently finished golden axe 2, it wasn’t as bad as I remember it.

      But as conversion of the 1st game the Megadrive version is superb

  10. malc1976 says:

    Great video Andy you should do Strider Arcade & Megadrive comparison i think its the closes to the arcade out of any Megadrive game

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