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We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our new sister show Indie Asylum in January 2016.

Indie Asylum will be the place for us to talk about the original and exciting games being created in the independent developer space. The show will be hosted by Paul Davies, Steve Erickson and Paul Driscoll and will also feature an empty fourth chair which is open to anyone wishing to come on the show to talk to us about the games they’ve either played or have created.

While we love retro gaming, we’ve never stopped playing video games and this new show will be our outlet to talk about the amazing experiences being delivered across current generation systems.

One thing that’s vital for us is that the values of Indie Asylumalign closely with those of Retro Asylum.

Community- To provide a safe community for gamers to share their interest and discuss new games and the people creating them

Awareness- To help raise prominence and appreciation of games being created by independent developers.

Advocacy- To support independent developers and provide a platform for them to talk to us about their games, background and experiences.

To help us mark this new beginning, episode one of Indie Asylum will feature an interview with the gaming industry’s ‘Indie Champion’ Shahid Ahmad. During his ten years heading up Sony’s Strategic Content division in the UKShahid has played a pivotal role in enabling independent developers to launch games across Sony’s platforms.

In our time together we not only speak about how Shahid fostered these relationships with developers during his time at Sony but we also touch on his game making track record and his new career jumping back over the fence to become a game developer once again. If you’ve heard Shahid talk before you’ll know that he’s a hugely entertaining and engaging guy and he’s the one person we were keen to appear on our debut episode.

When we started Retro Asylum back in 2011 we wanted it to come over like an overheard conversation in a pub between people who were passionate about games and the memories around them. As we’ve grown we’re amazed and humbled that the podcast has established us as an important member of the UK gaming community, winning us the 2015 UK Podcaster Award in the process.

We now hope to make the same beneficial contribution to the indie game space and we hope that you’ll join us for this new and exciting chapter in our history!

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