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Amstrad To Resurrect Sinclair Brand

Retro Asylum has been sent some very interesting pictures said to be taken from an Amstrad “Winter 2013 Product Brochure” that was recently left on a train arriving at Liverpool Street Station in London.


The majority of the brochure is focused on Sky set up boxes and Hi-Fi equipment, however page 22 reveals something far more interesting. Namely the return of the Sinclair range of computers, in the form of the once rumoured and long forgotten “ZX Spectrum +4”.

Yes it appears that Amstrad wants to get in on the retro scene by releasing a re-vamped Speccy which is said to have 512k, new ULA hardware that allows for “non colour clash graphics”, a CD drive and a USB port plus HDMI output.

The blurb goes on to say that the system will retail for £79.99, that it will be supported with new software by Elite Systems and that Amstrad have struck a deal with Eaglemoss Publications to release a bi monthly magazine that allows readers to build their own Kempston interface. No firm release date is given.

2 thoughts on “Amstrad To Resurrect Sinclair Brand

  1. Wow very cool. Bit pricey though.

  2. TEOL says:

    Alan Sugar is the man if this is true.

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