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Alter Ego new Retro Game on different gaming platforms!

It’s great when a new game comes out on a classic retro platform, but its even better when it comes out on more than one system and that’s exactly whats happens with Retro Souls “Alter Ego”

Alter Ego is a platformer which is available on the PC,NES and ZX Spectrum, programmed by the very talented people at Retro souls this game is a perfect mixture of platforming and puzzle action.

At first glance the game looks very similar to a Chuckie Egg,since the graphics look very early 1980’s and there’s ladder for you little character to climb up to.

Now what makes Alter Ego so special is its clever game play, basically you control a little guy who also has a alter ego on the oppiste side of the screen, so if you climb up a ladder you alter ego/mirror image will climb too, even if there’s no ladder on his side.

Now learning how to use your alter ego is the key to this game as you have to collect a number of objects scattered around the screen so perfecting how to switch is the key to this amazing new retro style game.

All versions are simply superb and look and play equally as good as each other, so why not check out programmers website where you can download this awesome gameĀ

Check out the different versions in these videos

4 thoughts on “Alter Ego new Retro Game on different gaming platforms!

  1. kamokaziuk says:

    This looks and sound fantastic!. Fingers cross this can come across to some other platforms! Games like this are perfect for the iphone/android and even the Mini’s platform on the PSN.

    • Andy says:

      It’s a great little game, at first glance the graphics are put off due to the very primitive graphics but once you start playing the games you notice how well the graphics complement the amazing gameplay.

      I believe this is out on windows mobile but I really hope this does come out on psn Xbox and the rest of the mobile phone market.

  2. TEOL says:

    The Hi Res PC one would probably be better than on the 360 or PS3 anyway. Retro isn’t their type although some were released.

    • Andy says:

      I think this game would perfect as a xbla game or maybe even a indie game.

      Really can’t stop playing this game truley amazing.

      Have you guys played it yet?
      If so what did you think?

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