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Abobos Big Adventure is now ready!

If you are a huge fan of the Duble dragon series and the NES then its your luck day, as Abobos Big Adventure has finally arrived!

the team/fans behind this game which they describe as “the ultimate tribute to the NES” is  a true work of art, you can tell the programmers are die hard NES and Double Dragon fans as this game plays like the a dream.

First impressions of the game….outstanding!  Everything looks and feels like a 8bit NES game, the music to the graphics feel like it is running on the classic Nintendo.

The most amazing thing is the amount of Classic NES characters that make a cameo in this outstanding game,Characters like Donkey Kong,Kunio,goombas and many more and that’s just the 1st level!

The Story in this game is that you play the burly brute Abobo, who son has been kidnapped and that has really angered the big bad ass!

So its up to you to take Abobo on this surreal journey through many memorable scene from NES games and beating the living crap out of loads of NES Characters.

why not check this game out ASAP as it really is one of the best fan games out there and also please take the time to the thank the team who made this amazing game.

(Big thanks to Swainy who informed the game was now complete…We will have a update on this later today)


6 thoughts on “Abobos Big Adventure is now ready!

  1. AspergerGamer64 says:

    my First impressions is one hell of a Fantastic tribute to NES i enjoy every minute of playing it

  2. Andy says:

    ive only played the 1st level and im wow by this, i havent been wowed like this since the Streets of rage remake game.

    im gonna play this all day tomorrow:)

  3. Andy says:

    ive been playing this today all morning and got as far as the megaman level then i had to stop since i had things to do
    great game

  4. ZXSpecstar says:

    Just played this and my god its awesome…def one of the best fan games out there and a Abobo fanboys wet dream, got to love the tearing of the heads off and eating them, but then again im a twisted SOB

  5. jackolantern says:

    Just finished playing this, I love trying to recognise all the characters from the NES games and the variety of level types and bosses are fantastic. It has a brillant ending, if you haven’t seen this yet Andy you need to.

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