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8bit wars – Shadow Warriors

(one of my old video I’m uploading to the retro asylum)
The 8bit wars is where I compare the same game on the 3 popular 8bit computers, the ZX Spectrum,Amstrad and the C64.

Shadow Warriors, is a scrolling beat em up arcade game made by Tecmo, it was released in the UK in 1989.

Most people know this game from the Nes or the remake on the xbox, but this game is completely different.

The arcade wasn’t a classic but I still enjoyed it back in the day since it featured ninjas.

Tbe arcade was a 2 player game unlike the 8bit computer versions.

Which coin op conversion of was more like the Arcade game? and which one was the best?

One thought on “8bit wars – Shadow Warriors

  1. trantor says:

    I’m loving the 8 bit Wars segments, but I think something important was missed on this one, since you called the Amstrad version a scrolling beat ’em up and it was a screen at a time game. Otherwise, spot on, sadly with the C64 version getting horribly short changed by Ocean on this one. Does anyone know if the Amstrad and Spectrum versions shared code? (backgrounds and enemy waves seemed very similar).

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