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8bit wars – Rod Land

Today’s 8bit war is the arcade game Rod Land, the game was made by Jaleco in the early 1990?s and played very similar to Bubble Bobble.

The story of this arcade game and the 8bit home computer version was that the main characters Mother had been kidnapped by a monster and taken to a tower and it was up to our heroes to save the day.

Our heros had some magic rods to helpt the save the day that could be used to whack the baddies which in turn left behind a power up that would help out, the rod also could be used to make ladder so you could climb up or down to help you kill or escape from the baddies.

The way the game played was very simple all you had to do was clear the screen of baddies and you move onto the next level, now if you think that’s easy you would be wrong, as with the type of games its only the 1st few levels that are a breeze and then as you progress it becomes more difficult.

What also helped this game was its graphics it looked like a cartoon, the backgrounds looked like if they had been coloured in with felt tip pen and all the sprites were really cute and stood out.

The music was a jolly little tune added to a already great game and the sound fx all though basic complemented the game well.

As for the 3 home computer versions for this 8bit wars, all of them were superb home conversions and the reason it worked well was for the fact that like Bubble Bobble it was a simple game that was all about game play.

To find out the winner of todays 8bit wars please watch the video below and as always please feel free to comment.

3 thoughts on “8bit wars – Rod Land

  1. AspergerGamer64 says:

    i really like the ZX Spectrum port it just look’s really cool

  2. darren says:

    A few points:

    The ZX Spectrum version was running faster than the Arcade. Was that just down to emulation or was it really that quick?

    Not sure about the C64 music. I thought the Spectrum and Amstrad version sounded better as well.

    Back in the day, I had written off the Amstrad as a basic machine after seeing some dreadful ports, but this is proof once again that when Amstrad games were done correctly and not just ported from the Spectrum, they were spectacular. A very underated machine

    • Andy says:

      the arcade actually runs faster but it just slows down when i record the footage.

      all versions are superb, one of the best Bubble bobble clones, that in many ways improves on it too

      glad you liked the videos

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