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8bit wars – Robocop

Today’s 8bit wars is the classic game Robocop!

Robocop was such a classic game that it spent over a year in the 8bit computer chart in the number 1 position.

Now unlike most movie tie in games, Ocean the company that produced this game took things to whole new level and really made a game that was worthy of the movie of the same name. The secret to this games success was it had variety in all its levels, it really mixed it up, it took familiar settings from the movie and incorparated it into the game.

It wasn’t just a left to right shooter like most movie tie ins, it took all the best elements from the film and stuck them into the game and that really worked, at the end of the 1st level you have to shoot the baddie that got the woman just like in the film(the downside was you couldn’t shoot the guy nuts!) it even had the police photo fit part where you had to look for the baddies! But it wasn’t just all the above that made the game special, the game play was spot on, the controls were amazing and it really made you feel like you were the OCP law enforcement Robocop himself.

The graphics in the 3 different version do look different but they all captured the look and feel of the movie and everything is animated superbly. The sound FX were decent but where the 3 version excelled was in the sound department, the music was unbelievable, the intro music was and still is one of the best music of any game to this day, the music was beautiful and haunting, Jonathan Dunn did a great Job on that the music even appeared in a TV AdvertOne of the best games that Ocean ever produced and probably one of the best 8bit computer games ever! please check out the video and feel free to give me your comment and feed back.

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