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8bit wars – Outrun

(Video by Pottyboy)This is my first 8-Bit Wars video for the Retro Asylum, of which I’ll be taking a look at US Gold’s Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad versions of Sega’s classic arcade game Out Run, and pick the best version.

5 thoughts on “8bit wars – Outrun

  1. Can’t comment on the 8-bits but I looooved this on the Atari ST. And nowadays it’s a mainstay on my MAME favourites list to. Classic.

  2. Andy says:

    i was meaning to do a 8bit wars on this for years but couldn’t get a amstrad rom working.

    its amazing how slow the spectrum version of this game.
    (i was always sure the spectrum version had music on a tape, where you had to play it in the tape player to get music…glad i didnt imagine it?)

    Really fantastic 8bit wars matey, really full of loads of incite

    I was really jealous of my cousin because he had the winning version at the time

    wow was the c64 fast.

    great video mate

  3. Glenn says:

    I love outrun this is one of my favorite 8bit game im glad c64 won lol keep up good work mate

  4. ZXSpecstar says:

    A great look over three titles that all did something right but seem to get something wrongs in essence it would of been great if they put all the ideas together and created the same game across the board.

    Great Vid bud keep up all the good work your doing

  5. Kamil says:

    Great 8-bit wars, i agree with you, Speccy version lookled like Arcade version, but was too laggy, it was almost unplayable, there is one thing i wondered, on Speccy and Amstrad title screen, it said, that it was converted by Probe, im sorry, but, i didnt understand, what was name of game that was converted on Amiga? Title was said in 18:56

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