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8bit wars Joe Blade

This is a video I uploaded on YouTube a few months ago and decided to upload here on the Retro Asylum site
Joe Blade is a somewhat forgotten gaming hero, but he is in today’s 8bit wars.

So for those of you reading this and don’t know who Joe Blade is…shame on you!

Joe Blade was a game that came out in the late 1980?s and it was a game that got me hooked from the moment i saw this cassette inlay, Joe Blade was a muscle bound macho type character and that alone sold me the idea on getting this game.

So what what was the story behind the game, well if memory serves me right its to do with The world governments having a spot of bother with a gang of insane terrorists, who are holding a group of world leaders world leaders hostage.

So its up to our muscle bound hero to make his way through the game shooting the living crap out of the baddies saving the hostages and defusing a few bombs along the way.

This game was a good game for the fact that it worked on every level a game should do, it had playability had decent graphics and really good music on the title screen by Gary Biasillo.

So how did the 3 home computers match up for this game?

check out the video and let me know if you agree or disagree with me on the winner.

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