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8bit wars Double Dragon 2 (SV+LV)

The 8bit wars! This is where I compare the 3 popular home computer of the 80?s, The Spectrum,Amstrad and C64.

This 8bit wars was made this year in April by me,I made 2 different versions of this 8bit wars, one for YouTube and a slightly longer video on Dailymotion hence SV and LV.

This 8bit wars is based around the sequel to the classic game Double Dragon.

Double Dragon 2 was released a few years later after the success of the 1st game and once again we see Billy and Jimmy Lee kick the crap out of baddies, but this time they are after blood after Marion gets killed in the beginning of the 1st level.

The arcade game played pretty much the same with slightly more polished graphics but the game was to similar for some people.

The 8bit computer versions were a huge improvements over the 1st game conversions.

check out both videos, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.

8bit wars Double Dragon 2 (LV) by thereallocomaniac

2 thoughts on “8bit wars Double Dragon 2 (SV+LV)

  1. malc says:

    Great game and a much better conversion on all.
    Did you know theres another version on the Amstrad like the Spectrums.

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