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8-bit wars: Batman The Caped Crusader By Scopie

4 thoughts on “8-bit wars: Batman The Caped Crusader By Scopie

  1. trantor says:

    Great 8 Bit Wars. Still love that intro.
    I agree, the game is horribly frustrating, especially if you didn’t have the manual.

    • scopie says:

      Well I certainly didn’t have the manual as it was a copy. I remember the school yard discussions about which item did what and how far did you get etc… lol.
      I could even get to Robin tied up at the top of the roller coaster but could never free the boy blunder.

  2. trantor says:

    The Angry Video Game Nerd covered this game briefly in a larger Batman games piece… sadly he doesn’t seem to understand how loading works on a C64 and harps on that a bit.

    • scopie says:

      Part 1 and 2 are actually very different once you leave the bat cave. The penguin mission is set in the Gotham streets, rooftops and warehouses while the joker mission is set below Gotham in the sewers and carnival. He obviously didnt play it for long lol. Good vid though.

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