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70% off at CoLD SToRAGE until Sunday

a0042529182_2Sssshhhhhh, we’ve heard a whisper …

Fellow retromaniac Uniforix has told us that there is a special code to get 70% off music on the CoLD SToRAGE website until Sunday!

Tim Wright, alias CoLD SToRAGE, is a Welsh video game music composer most known for his soundtracks for Shadow of the Beast II & III, Agony, Lemmings, Wipeout and Colony Wars.

Visit the site and type ‘birthday’ to get 70% off his music


2 thoughts on “70% off at CoLD SToRAGE until Sunday

  1. TEOL says:

    I’d consider if it was real OST’s but it’s remixed stuff which are like booty’s to me as it isn’t the real deal tracks.

  2. uniforix says:

    Well, yes, there seems to be a lot of this kind of stuff going on these days with the classic musicians remixing their stuff. All good tracks though 🙂

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