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Wonder Boy 3 the dragons trap – Sega Master System

The 3rd game of the Wonder Boy series on the Sega Master System, was by the best Wonder Boy game ever.

This game kicks off at the end of the 2nd game, where your character is on the way to defeat the big bad dragon and this is where this game really begins. After defeating the dragon, our hero Wonder Boy gets cursed and turned into a Dragon.

The gameplay is very similer to Super Metroid, in this game every time you change into a different character you can then explore other areas that you simply couldnt reach before and that is where this game truly shines The game was huge and had loads of varity and with amzing gameplay and graphics to match made this game one of the best games ever and we got to mention how good the music was/is.

If you haven’y played thid game before you have to play it, it very similer to Super Metroid on the SNES.
This game is in my top 50 games ever!

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