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(15) Retrocast meets: Julian “Jazz” Rignall (Editor: CVG & Zapp64)

(Retro Asylum would like to proudly present you all to one of the best UK Retro gaming podcast out there “GamerDads”

Hope you all enjoy this episode of the podcast that lads recorded with retro gaming legend Julian Jaz Rignall.)

In this Gamerdads Retrocast podcast special, we celebrate the launch of the new and improved Gamerdads version 2:0 ( by meeting the LEGEND that is Mr Julian “Jazz” Rignall of CVG and mean machines magazine fame.

Now vice president of content at Gamepro media, we talk about his days as a student when he held the UK and World Record high scores on video games such as Defender, Pole Position and Crossfire, through his career in Journalism and what eventually made him quit, right through to his current position at Game Pro.

We talk about his favourite games and game music ever, what makes a good game in the first place – no matter what year it is released in – and give him the obligatory “quick fire question” round…

For more from the retrocast and to see lots of other media content from the GamerDads Network, please visit our media hub at:

Guest: Julian “Jazz” Rignall (Twitter: @JazzRignall)

(Please check out this podcast and their site and leave them a itunes review too)

5 thoughts on “(15) Retrocast meets: Julian “Jazz” Rignall (Editor: CVG & Zapp64)

  1. Andy says:

    Big thanks to Gamerdads for let us put this superb show the retrocast on here at the asylum.

    found it hilarious at the beginning about not knowing what he sounded like lol
    would have been funny if he had sounded like mike tyson lol

    great show and amazing you got a legend that is jazz

  2. pottyboy says:

    I really enjoyed this! Great fun to listen too 🙂

    I wasn’t born until 1986 so I didn’t get the chance to read Zzap! and I never read C&VG, but nevertheless I agreed with pretty much everything Julian said! What a guy 🙂

  3. ZXSpecstar says:

    Great podcast and great to hear there are more retro fans about in this country, thank you for shareing you podcast with us i have subscribed to hear more

  4. TEOL says:

    Listened to this. It was really good although the mic work was worse than ours after we improved our quality due to some weird wonkyness between the channels.

    Podcasting is one of those things where recording the mic work in Mono is a must and putting in the music as Stereo with the main file of the podcast edit being in Stereo. 😀

  5. ZXSpecstar says:

    This was a great podcast, and it flowed so well, these guys are just like us a hunger and love for all things retro and a great guest, now i have listened to a lot more of thier episodes and these guys never fail to impress me with a great show

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